Cocoa Entrepreneur/Passionate/Woman of Color/Hustler

I’m a passionate, cocoa entrepreneur on a mission to make the path to pretty easier for women of color.

I’m a North Carolina born country girl who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I sold Avon to teachers in my school! My story to becoming an entrepreneur can be attributed to my father, his uncles, his father, and my mother who were all entrepreneurs. I’ve been blessed to have amazing family and friends to affirm me at an early age. Their entrepreneurial drive and strong will are in my blood and the spark that ignited my drive of wanting to run a business.

I loved fashion as long as I can remember so that led me to attend Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Though, that scholastic experience was not rigorous enough for me and I truly needed to get away from New York City. I wanted a more collegiate experience and therefore transferred to Rutgers University where I fell in love with my marketing curriculum. Thereafter, I adopted a career in fashion marketing with Macy’s New York. Still, no entrepreneurial idea. I wanted to start a business I just didn’t know when, what, or how. My experiences working for Macy’s cultivated my interest in the beauty space and eventually my idea of TresseNiore came to mind that merged beauty and technology.

All in all, I am a hustler with great focus on my goals and grit to achieve them as they come. And, I maintain positive…always learning and laughing! Though, it took time for an idea to spark my movement on this dream, when the idea came I knew I had to be ready to take it and run with it. And, having my accountability partner, my Co-founder Octavia, helped unleash the power within, which affirmed that this idea could come to life and be successful.

In my professional life, I’m working on reaching the next level of growth and opportunity for TresseNoire – new clients, new markets and new services. If I’m making the same kinds of mistakes then I haven’t learned, therefore I haven’t grown. If I do something that I know my gut says not to do, then I haven’t grown. If I allow external voices to influence my strategy or priority, then I haven’t grown.

Something that I have become confident in and encourage others in, is to know that your culture, because our understanding of the world and nuanced perspective give us matchless power. There is nothing like being a woman, and there’s nothing like being a woman of color. This unique lens gives us a significant edge if we leverage correctly!

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