Unique/Model/Outspoken/Powerful Soul

I am so much more than my name, my skin colour and my physical being! Yes, I am all of the above, but I identify as being a powerful soul. As my soul is what keeps my body going! It keeps me going daily. My personality is what I feel carries me further than looks ever could or would…

I am still recognizing and learning my power!! I struggled with having self love due to be bullied through secondary school (high school). Bullying takes a long time to leave our minds so it took me a long time to know and understand and feel valuable. I always liked who I was but 2 years ago I really began to appreciate who I was and accepted all of myself, my tall stature, my broad shoulders etc. I realized that living myself was so much more than just my physical being it was about what was happening inside, my mental state.I began to feel empowered within myself and that was when I first started modeling also, modeling has helped me to really love and care for myself and I now recognize that am worthy of love. I have also had CBT therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy)in the past I believe that has also contributed to me loving myself fully.

My strength I feel has been ongoing for you me… I believe that I am still learning what all of my strengths are, I know I am a strong woman!! But as far as spotting and knowing where all of my strengths lie In different areas of my life; that I am working on daily. My individuality has always been with me. I believe which is why I had a hard time though school, I would not conform and I had to be me and an individual; I still carry this with me today!

I won’t conform, whether that is to do it with personal style or views, etc. My stance on non-conforming has influenced the role and impact I want to have have in the fashion industry. I want you to know that I am still going and will continue to try and implement a change within the fashion world and the world in general by motivating woman like myself who may not feel they can be their true selves due to societal constructs that have been wrongfully standing for years. BE yourself and go for their dreams in whatever field it may be!

As being unapologetic in what I wear and in the words I say when I speak out on topics that are close to my heart! NO ONE else is like me and that makes me an individual and I relish in knowing this.

Yes, I have begun to recognize my individuality and power, and I also  hope to over-come my anxiety. A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it can be living with anxiety and trying to get on with day to day life! I know I will be able to suppress my anxiety one day so it does not consume me or my life.  I am not to big on writing my personal growth down, but what I have began to do is write down down daily my thoughts and how I’m feeling etc I mean in some ways this could be a measure of my growth personally!!

I would advise others  to do what you wish to do (within reason and as long as you’re living your dream and not hurting anyone along the way) because life’s too short! I know many people have said that statement but this statement is so apt. I would say to just embrace and be empowered by your individuality and be fearless with it!! And just keep going for your passions because you CAN have them all.

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