Positive/ Fiancé/Start-Up Junkie/Dog Owner/College Graduate/Korean/Chinese

A few years after graduating from USC, I was working at AdColony, a mobile video ad startup.  I got there pretty early on so there were a lot of long hours, and we as a team had to stay late and work on stressful projects at times. This is where I think I recognized the power of positivity and optimism. I always tried to keep things light and happy, no matter how late we were working in the office. Even if it was just saying short encouraging phrases like “we got this” or cracking a much needed joke, I did my best to always make the best out of the situation. Since then, I’ve recognized more that this is an approach I use in my everyday life. Some people ask why I am always smiling; sometimes I just can’t help it!

In all honesty though, sometimes my smile and positivity also mask moments of self-consciousness. While I am very happy with my life and how much I’ve grown as a person, I still sometimes care a lot about what people say or think about me. Sometimes you have to care and that’s something you should do given the situation. However, I’m learning to not overly care or take things to personally, letting go of this “need to be liked” to truly be myself. One important realization that I think you must make to truly be yourself is to realize that you don’t have to make everyone like you.  The most important thing is being true to whom you are and realizing that you being you is enough. I’ve recently learned to just be myself and do what I think it is right in my life.

Right now, what feels right is being a better fiance, better brother, better son, better coworker, better boss; you get the picture. I currently live in Los Angeles (have ever since I graduated USC in 2010) with my now fiancé and our 4-year old dog, Cody (cocker spaniel mix). I still work in the mobile industry as VP of Analytics & Insights at another start-up, AppOnboard. I gravitate towards working at start-ups because they give me a chance to wear multiple hats, learn a lot of new skills and work with highly-motivated and hard-working colleagues. I always try to improve myself every year, month, and day. I believe that growing and improving is something I will be and should be doing until my last breath. As long as I can learn from my mistakes and put a few extra smiles on people’s faces (and mine!), I will be satisfied with my life and growth as a person.

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