I was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. I have experienced the military, corporate america, stocks, real estate, a federal indictment, wrote a local best-selling autobiography in Dallas, and have spoken at schools to encourage teens in underserved communities. When I was younger, I was a very happy kid and I liked making other people laugh. I was a class clown in school in addition to being very smart.


Yet in my childhood, my life was really rocked when I found out at age 17 that my biological father was another man. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only event that rocked my life. Back in 2002, I started working with a man who had a real estate course on television. I met him and we started to find credit investors to buy homes that had equity in them. I was one of about 20 people who had had dealings with this guy between the years of 2002 and 2007. So when he got indicted in 2008, mostly everyone who had worked with him had to deal with the federal government. The charge that I received was for giving a guy $35,000 for him to close on a home loan. When the deal closed, I made my money back plus $30,000 in profit. By giving him the money, it made it look like he was more credit-worthy than he really was and consequently, I got a conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. This was hard because by this time, I had not done a real estate deal in over 4 years. This caused me to have to go through a 5 year period away from my passion of speaking, etc. I had to go through 6 months of house-arrest, and 3 years probation. I learned to be very careful who I associate with in the future. I try to teach this to others as well. The people around you do not always have positive intentions and can get you into trouble if you are not careful and aware.


Even though on the surface it looked as though I lost years of my life, it taught me very valuable lessons. My strength comes from a strong family that believed in me, and from learning from these mistakes in my  life. I would say that I really tapped in to my power when I went through the trial, sentencing, and probation. It forced me to sit through a series of classes with a group of convicted felons. While there, many of the felons became very motivated by my story and they wanted my music to give to their children. That was so powerful to me, because I realized that even though I felt like I should not have been there, in the end, I realized why the universe had placed me there.  


I converted this message into a new form of music that I call “motivational rap”. I hope that I can motivate people with the easy-listening tracks that I write.  I am a gifted lyricist so I use my talents to bring a positive motivational message in all the music I make. All of the music I have written was over a 10 year period. The music has a lot of heart in it since I was going through a lot of life issues when I was writing most of the songs.  When people hear my music for the first time, it usually blows their minds. They always tell me that we need more music like this. The music has no cursing or negative language, and all of the songs have a message of some sort.


I believe in “positive vibes only”. When I say I do rap with no cursing, people assume that it should be gospel rap. I want people to know that this is something NEW. Motivational rap was started by a guy who grew up as a huge hip-hop fan. I even went to high school with rap legend Pimp C. So I’m not some dude who never lived the street life, I know all about that life and I made this music so that people could get motivated through music; which is really a powerful concept! I know that my music will never take the place of mainstream music, and I don’t want it to. I grew up and found motivation and packaged it into a way that it could be received by all. So it can inspire millions of people to be the best them!!!!! This year I created a playlist on Spotify that consists of 44 of my songs.


Although, motivational rap is my passion, I try not to limit my motivational messages to my music and am constantly finding ways to uplift and inspire others. I have spoken at many schools after the completion of my book “The Product”. I have worked at schools that are in low income areas mostly throughout the Dallas area, as well as my hometown of Port Arthur.


As of late, I am focusing on finishing my bachelors degree and using that degree to open doors to support even more people. In order to do so, I seek wisdom in life so I can become a more balanced individual. I currently am attending the University Of North Texas getting my BAAS degree with a concentration in rehabilitation studies. I graduate in May. In 5 years,  I see myself owning a very powerful company that sells products, lectures, and speeches to non-profits, schools, and universities. My dream is to own land and create a community that produces its own resources, and creates its own jobs.


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