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Best Dresser/Dream Catcher/Detroit-based & Embraced Writer

I always feel first, so I tend to have physical reactions that solidify otherwise intangible feelings. For a long time, I categorized my intuitive power as a sign of weakness, a symptom of being a feeling individual. Oh, and I think a whole lot too (thanks, college!). I’m thankful for the moments where my head and heart collide because it means I can never stray too far from my true self. I am learning to better identify, acknowledge, and navigate places or circumstances where I don’t feel wanted or celebrated – sometimes that’s a simple 1,2 step out of the door or a flick of the wrist, other times you just need a good playlist on repeat. I am striving to create good spaces with people I encounter, I never want to be that person you have saved as “Hell No” in your phone, you know? 
I hope to be a fully expressed individual. I’ve spent a lot of time ascribing to the idea of commanding one craft, but that’s a lot of pressure and it can (and still does) take a toll on me. Even as a #creative, it’s easy to rebuild structures, limits, and expectations that didn’t serve you well the first time around. I hope to make peace with my never-ending list of goals and creative outlets that attract me. I’m working on creating without questioning and honoring my ideas as they come and go. 
As a storyteller, I would encourage every person of color to give themselves permission to indulge in the stories that they were born into. Our history is a living one, made of resilience and re-imagination that gives us an innate value. Many of us have to work back up to our worth after consuming exclusionary (and illusionary) narratives for so long. Remember that there is nothing secondary about your origin story. Your story doesn’t have to be beautiful to be art and there is no reason to explain yourself away. Every single one of us and every single ounce of us is a dream come true.
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