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My discipline derives from my creator/Universe. I recognized my discipline early in life and new that it was a strength when I noticed that many people struggled with self-restraint. This was evident when I began a plant based diet in 1987 when I turned 18. I read “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins, the heir to the Ice Cream Food Giant Baskin-Robbins. In the book, he challenges the belief that consuming meat is a requirement for health by pointing out the vastly increased rate of disease caused by pesticides, hormones, additives, and other chemicals that are now a routine part of mass food production.  After I read this book I wanted to share the good news with friends and family but was met with negative results.  It was at that time that I realized that despite compelling evidence, intelligent and compassionate individuals struggled with this new paradigm shift.


I began as a vegetarian in 1987 and in 2007 transitioned over to vegan. I knew I was helping the environment but I was an unhealthy vegetarian. I transitioned over to being vegan and never looked back. In less than 3 months I saw the results; it was magical.  My goal as a vegan is not to simply refrain from animal products and to help the environment. I also feel that I have a duty to be the best version of myself, which includes being the healthiest and happiest version of myself as well.


Currently I eat only raw food before 4 p.m.  I eat one cook meal per day and many days I only eat raw foods (vegetables, fruits, protein shakes etc.).  I drink several varieties of teas and implement many of the superfoods in my diet EVERYDAY, such as moringa, cacao, turmeric, ashwagandha, burdock root, ginger, maca root, cinnamon, green tea etc. as well as herbs, water and plenty of REST. In addition, I grow a variety of organic vegetables year round, I have a backyard, front yard, side house and greenhouse garden and I’m constantly introducing new plants into the mix.  


I’m very passionate about individuals growing and cooking their own food and have made this my life’s purpose in inspiring, teaching and assisting others in learning these valuable tools. I have a duty to love and share and in return these things will return to me tenfold. The wisdom I have gained is not for myself but to be shared. I am forever grateful that others before me have shared their experience and wisdom. I never thought that I would have a YouTube channel but after several request from individuals regarding recipes, garden tips and sharing my overall vegan experience, I decided to answer all those questions via YouTube in hopes of inspiring someone as others have inspired me.


Creating the youtube channel and being more open with my journey has allowed me to constantly learn and grow. There are so many things that I wish to overcome or attain, I am forever evolving. One of the many things is to live without irrational fear. Yes, fear is natural but it must be harnessed to help you not hurt you. I, like many of us, allow fear to handicap and impede my happiness and impact on the world.


I am fearful almost everyday of my life, perhaps for a split second or on bad days quite longer. I was even fearful in sharing my story for this blog. I did not want to say something that I would regret in the future, but I thought to myself why fear the truth.  On an intellectual level I understand that fear comes directly from our reptilian brain (unconscious brain) to protect us from anything that might be associated with our survival.  However, I’ve learned that facing the thing you fear, even if only in your mind before you make a decision, takes away your fear. When you define and embrace the worst possible outcome, you realize that the darkest scenario is not so dark after all and that we are powerful beyond are belief.


It also helps to persevere through my fears when I am grounded in knowing everything I am and do is based upon the God/Universe/Nature.  It’s through nature that I see God. Its through nature that I understand life. Being able to witness the miracle of plants has opened my eyes to the unseen world that controls the visible world.


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