Black Man/Creative/Unique/Positive/Skater

Hey guys I’m Douglas, Doug, Dougie, Brothaman, Cole Blooded whatever you want to say lol, however I’m going to get straight to the point. I do live with my mom who hasn’t worked in almost two decades due to having to take care of me and my twin, Dominique. Dom alone let me know I was different from everyone else, we were also miracle babies being told we were 2 lbs at birth with underdeveloped hearts who weren’t supposed to survive; so yes we did have heart surgery fresh out the holy grail. Dom has several special needs but does not suffer, he’s happy, thriving, and healthy due to my mother’s continued love and support. I knew we were here for a reason whether it was inspiring others by working hard or just  being ourselves. Basically I always knew I had something to give. I’ve talked people out of suicide at just 14 years old, I’ve change people’s moods for the entire day with a simple compliment, I’ve given people my time and words to let them know they matter before I did it for myself. I’m a people person I guess and I always embedded myself in people’s heads in the hopes of creating more positivity. I also have 4 sisters Morgan, Kennedy, Lexus, and Victoria whom I love dearly. I’m the oldest of us all so I have a lot riding on me.

I’m a 19 year old college student at a PWI (Predominately White Institution), Robert Morris University, whose first generation on my dad’s side of the family to go to college. On my mom’s side I am not the first, but I do live with my mom who hasn’t worked in almost two decades due to having to take care of me and my twin Dominique which should give you a glimpse into how my financial situation is when it comes to school.  Being a Black man in America you have to overcome a lot in this world and a lot of negative stigmas. How often have you seen a Black kid skateboard every single day on your way to work? Not too often I know, but nobody would imagine a Black kid skateboarding. Nobody would imagine me going to college for ACADEMICS ONLY without a sports scholarship or that I am a Black Male Leadership Institute alumnus. I want to overcome the stereotypes I fit from having dreads which makes people think I smoke weed. The stereotype as a Black man that I must say “yo dog” in every sentence. I guess I just want to not be viewed as a statistic and as a negative expectation as a Black man. As a Black man, to even be alive at 19 and to have done what I’ve done to some people I’ve accomplished their biggest dream….surviving. I’ve been stopped by police and survived because I handled it well. I’ve reacted to situations with maturity and longevity thoughts of how my character will be affected. I measure it on what I do and how I act. I reached out to you for this chance so I think I’m growing socially, however I need to grow academically. I need to grow more ways on how to discipline myself. I can do it but if I don’t figure it out, I feel like the sequence in my life will not be insync. But I know the more I do, the more I grow.

As far as attainment here’s a little insight about my career as a disk jockey. I’m an upcoming DJ in the city which is where the name Cole Blooded came from, I’m DJ COLEBLOODED.See I’ve only really been DJing for about four going on five months. I’ve already gone on a tour and am about to start another. I’ve DJ’d for an NFL legend’s son, I’ve done the TILT party which is a huge deal to me, and several showcases and parties around the city. My track record is growing but I really wouldn’t have started without my friends the Lokal Foreners. The Lokal Foreners is a rap group of about 10 people and we all grew up in the creative world of Pittsburgh from skateboarding, to drawing, to writing, etc. I want to attain the success you see in the industry like what Childish Gambino and Wiz Khalifa do. I want my art and creativity to impact others in any way they can I guess. I want people to be eager to notice the details as I layer things and switch tempos. I want to be an example for people who want to follow their dreams by leaving my mark in many areas like this blog, like on Soundcloud, on Instagram pages, and websites of brands I’m affiliated with.

Me entering the creative world means I’m doing the right thing because as Black people, we are influential beyond understanding. We are the world’s biggest entertainers, influences and creators. We are a huge threat even if we don’t say a word to people. When we are creatively gifted or useful, that draws a different perspective and eye to us. To me it means I have something to live up to and to live for; whether people like me or not. I’m here, I exist and my art will be a part of people’s lives. Ultimately, I want to be in movies, do voice-overs, and have my own content other than music. I want that and I’m going to get it.

Fortunately, something I have come to realize at young age is that  I am unique whether I think so or not. Actually, each and every one of us is unique. I embrace the fact that  I’m into weird things such as seeing the Fibonacci florets in a flowers and getting tattoos which are sometimes spontaneous. Realize you control your destiny and nothing matters but what you do. It’s your life, take control and do it the best you can, go experience things and break that comfort zone. Spread love and embrace what you are and what you are not. Keep it real with yourself.

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