I drew as a child, but I did not know it was a God given talent. I hope to one day to be able to make a living doing art.  I don’t care if I’m famous. Fame is not at all important. I just want to inspire someone to take what God has given them and expand on it and give it back to the world and God. It was not until my early 30s that I gave into my strengths and decided to fully pursue my art. It was after a long talk with my friend that I realized that I cannot let my gifts and passion go to waste. I had to stop comparing myself, quit allowing myself to get distracted, and ultimately focus on what I love; art. I measure my growth by seeing if I got better than I was yesterday. I look to see if I am still making the same mistakes, but I also evaluate if I learned from my mistakes. I continue to push myself by trying new techniques in coloring and drawing. One piece of advice I would give to people, is to never measure yourself by what others are doing…never. One should know (somewhat of whom they are) but you are growing until you die. Some people will like your art, some people will not.  Don’t let that stop you in improving and moving forward.  Never try to be something that you are not because you will never succeed.  Embrace who you are but also embrace the change that you will allow to happen.



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