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On April 2, 2010, I realized that comedy was something that I really wanted to pursue. I got the opportunity to open up for Kevin Hart in Philly. The fact that I had the opportunity to open up for a well-know comedian in the city I was raised in, was huge. Little did people know though that I was terrible then. But I only had 3 minutes, so I made sure I did that 3 minutes well. The reaction from the crowd was dope. People were laughing and I just thought, if this is the feeling you get from an audience, then this is what I want. I loved it.

Pursuing a career in comedy has not always been easy though. At the beginning of my career, there were times when I felt low or didn’t know if I was going to make rent. Despite these challenges, I stopped questioning if this is path I am going to take a few years ago. God always has a way of revealing himself to you, especially at moments when feeling low or broke. He has revealed himself through the words of others. I’ve had people come out of nowhere and say I love your comedy and what you are doing. When I get those messages and love enough, it’s something I can’t argue with.

This past year, 2017 is when I recognized my power and influence. For years I have done stand up and within this past year, my comedic skits were starting to go viral. People literally message me every single day. I’ve received messages from people where they say “You got me through military school” or “You helped me get through my wife dying”. Some of the messages I get are absolutely remarkable. I didn’t know that my comedy could have that effect. At first I thought I was just being funny, but my gift is so much bigger that that.

As a person, I have  a lot of layers on top of being funny. For instance, I am very sensitive and wear my heart on my sleeves. I think and read a lot and there are a lot of thoughts that don’t get shared with others or in my work. I think with my heart and not with my mind most of the time. Thinking with my heart has led me to a lot of places in life and success as a comedian today. The heart doesn’t know fear.

I embrace my emotions more so because of my father. He is a very stern, cold, I don’t play no games, and I don’t let people know what I’m thinking kind of guy. As for me though, I want to be opposite. I want to be an example to my future kids and other people to know that it’s okay to have feelings and to let people know how you feel. If we continue to shy away from our emotions then what happens is it begins to harbor and fester. Allowing it to fester will eventually drive you crazy and make you a miserable person.

Honestly, some people wish they could have emotional feelings. That is why I am excited for the project I am working on now. I have  a project in the works that’s on a larger scale. I want to help people fall in love again. We are in an era where love isn’t cool, love isn’t fun. We’ve celebrated a culture where we are a bunch of savages and do savage shit and not everyone rolls like that. The goal is for people to leave no longer looking at sensitivity and love as a sign of weakness, and to 100% embrace it because there is nothing wrong with it.

Accountability is also what I preach, and to not blame others for our shortcomings. You take responsibility and you move on. A lot of people of color try to make excuses. I understand the system is stacked against us and a lot of times we are in a no win situation and we’ve been dealt some pretty shitty cards. But I attribute my success to the game of spades. How I look at it is, we can be dealt a bad hand but can still win the hand.

In order to win my hand, I always want to continue to learn and grow. To grow as a person, I listen to my peers. If they are all saying the same thing about me, then it isn’t them, its me. I listen to what my peers feel about me and make a decision from there if that is truly something that I want to change or improve upon my personality or actions. Now these are peers that I consider my friends who have my best interest at heart. As you get older, you get better with discerning who should be around you and who you don’t need to be around you.

Professionally, I am always trying to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less. A lot of times, people lose that feeling of fun. I have fun doing what I am doing. For instance, each month, I take a day with me and my partner, Will Pharoah and we just shoot. Not because we are trying to go viral, but we are trying to have fun. When I put fun in it, then that’s when I start to have real results.

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