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When young people are growing up, they are taught to think of their futures working in a typical job or profession: doctor, lawyer, teacher. You essentially are conditioned to believe that you have to work for someone; which blocks us from imagining the possibilities.

Growing up, I felt like I didn’t have the agency to follow my own path. I didn’t see myself in other leaders who owned businesses. “It is not something that people ‘like me’ do”  was a subtle message I received over and over at a young age.

I constantly saw people that looked like me working in the back instead of the front. Why is that?

Society spreads this message that we all must find a job with benefits and a good retirement package. Maybe this made sense 20-30 years ago but today it doesn’t make that much sense to me.

The catalyst in shifting my thinking and consequently, my actions, was when I was 18 years old. My dad started his own business. This was inspiring to me. He reinvented himself at around 40 years old. I admired him for that. He was the only business owner in my life at the time, of course, before I started my own years later.

In Las Vegas, I connected with other Latina entrepreneurs in a group that I regularly attend #latinasinpower. I’ve been able to surround myself by people who keep me motivated, inspired and who truly believe in me. I have a good friend who is a boss in her field of real estate and is an assembly woman in Nevada. She also is a huge cheerleader of mine and constantly encourages me through her actions and accomplishments.

The people in my circle encourage me to fully embrace my talents and path.  I have a lot of great people telling me that I could get paid for doing what I love…helping and empowering people to be the best version of themselves. At first I felt guilty because I just care about people. It felt weird to then add a service fee, but ultimately I had to recognize that what I had to offer truly had value.

My business really started two and a half years ago. The funny thing is, I started saying I was a life coach before I even had my first client or got my certification.  Something I teach my clients today is that there is sooo much value in things we say and the narratives we tell ourselves, particularly about ourselves. We must get rid of the narratives that don’t serve us. It is key to anyone’s success. Tell yourself until you believe it over time. Before I really started my business, yes, I was calling myself a life coach, but I also had people around me be supportive of that and would introduce me as a life coach to friends, colleagues, and even strangers. This created a positive social pressure for me. I couldn’t not follow through with my life coaching business, because I already had people rooting me on and speaking it into existence.

Fortunately, my best friend trusted me enough to be my first client. She let me practice on her and design coaching sessions for her. She told me I was good at what I did and that pushed me to expand my coaching skill-set with even more people.

Basically, all of the women in my life told me there is value here. There is value in my passion.

My passion is helping women of color find their path, figure out their lives, and feel powerful. I want people to live their best life and am happy helping them figure that out through my Elevate Consulting business.

In addition to my Elevate Consulting business, I also host a bi-monthly event called,  “Vegas Women Connect” and record a FB Live series with my best friend called, “Riding with Cory and Candice”. These things have allowed me to establish trust within my community through vulnerability and being present.  It’s taken practice and a commitment, on my part, to continuously improve. I am constantly learning and growing alongside the women in my community.

Today, I am happy to say that through Elevate Lifestyle Consulting, I am the top life coach in Las Vegas according to Yelp. I am very good at backwards planning which supports my clients in creating baby steps to reach their big dreams. You want a car? Make a down payment on a house? Want to go to school? Then I map it out with them on paper. For a number of my clients, putting their goals on paper is something new for them. We look at what they want their future reality to be. I ask them questions like, “How do you want to feel?” Then I have them write a paragraph of what their current reality is.  Together, we compare their envisioned future reality with their current reality. I have them say it aloud so they can start to re-orient themselves by taking notice of the ways in which they view themselves and the actions they have taken that are preventing them from that future reality.

I have goals for myself and commitments that I continuously re-examine. One goal for me right now is diversifying my clientele. I only have one White client. I don’t think I am marketing exclusively to people of color, so that was a surprise to me when I realized it. My own coach pointed this out to me. It’s something I want to further examine. I’m also working on continuously evolving my mindset on working with clients that are more corporate in nature or have more privilege in this world. By being open to working with these clients, it will provide me the capacity to work with clients who may be seeking resources but lack the financial stability to invest in my services.

Lastly, I am thinking of how to expand Elevate by one day turning it into a wellness agency. When a person comes to me, they will of course have an initial consultation and I want to be able to connect clients with other wellness professionals that can support them in their journey. For instance, acting as a community connector to a health coach, financial advisor, or even a personal yoga coach because I believe that when body, mind and spirit are aligned, anything is possible.

Without wellness, nothing else is possible. I can talk about goals, but if a person isn’t putting their health and well-being first, they won’t see the results they desire. If I have learned anything, in the last two years of imagining, starting, and running my business, it’s that if I push fear aside and embrace a narrative that serves me, then my passion will sustain my current reality.

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