Woman/Authentic/Pakistani-American/Health Advocate/Powerful

I am a strong woman of color advocate and I absolutely love supporting my team, colleagues, and mentors. I come from a long line of strong women who are homemakers, teachers, bankers, and entrepreneurs. My family has played a pivotal role in establishing my confidence and what I like to call, “supernatural powers”. At a very young age one of my aunties told me, “Amina, whatever you end up doing in this world, I have no doubt you will be successful.” Those words have supported me and given me confidence. I also recognized my “supernatural” powers when I used to hypnotize my dad to take me to the park. My sister and I would show him a photograph in a recipe book of a fruitcake and because he would play along, we truly felt we were powerful little beings!

At this time in my life, I have fortunately realized that my beliefs and imagination have transformed into what is reality…I am powerful! The best piece of advice I’ve heard lately is that “FEAR IS A LIE.” It doesn’t exist. Therefore, if we don’t give it power, then we are free to revel in our truer selves. As a Pakistani-American woman, I am deeply grateful for my culture and heritage but have also created my own identity. I describe myself as a practitioner of open-hearted radiance. I always try to be authentic, transparent, and gracious. I have a hard time faking things and I have a tender heart that I wear on my sleeves.  I love photography and express myself through sketches, writing, and the arts. I dabble in poetry and have a love for language and connecting with others. My true passion though is my safer products work with Beautycounter because we are going counter to the industry. The hard and cold truth is that women of color hold the highest toxic load and mega million corporations don’t have our communities of color in mind when they market goods. As a result, we have to create our own safer paths of beauty, wellness, and health. The way I embrace my own power is to apply myself to an established framework and distinguish myself from that framework. Which is exactly what I am able to consistently accomplish with my work at Beautycounter.

My Beautycounter business became the way I channeled the advocate within me. It has helped me foster a positive and direct impact at the intersection of health, wellness, and women’s empowerment through a business opportunity. More so, it has revitalized my spirit as a mode of self-care, and the products and mission have been a significant tool in light of my own wellness and spiritual work, as well as for others. I have been turning this vision over in my mind: To build a diverse team, and work with an eye to actively recruit individuals from self-identified communities of color and various walks of life. Having my own Beautycounter business has been such a special opportunity to focus on self-care as a spiritual principle relating to the beauty of having a ritual to ground ourselves through life’s dips and lows. It also gets me to “walk the talk” by advocating for safety in our health standards in a way that I believe honors human resilience and compassion for our own selves and our rich and diverse communities.

In addition to my interests and service oriented nature,  I would love to attain a practice of meditation and self-care a bit more regularly. I think in turn, that would help me ground myself and replenish my energy levels so I can continue to come from a place of giving to others. I would also love to overcome the sense that I am not as organized or tidy as I could be–I’m on my path to streamline and I would like to make that vision a reality! I know it will happen because my approach to making goals and dreams a reality has worked for me time and time again. Usually, I read over my personal journals; and this year in particular, worked on an annual assessment of my achievements and growth areas. I also solicit feedback from my confidantes: my sister, Raabia, and my fiance, Brian, on my growth areas. I appreciate that they do not judge me but provide support; which is so important when building your support network. My people! We must learn how to listen to our gut and honor our ancestors. While in the same breath, recognize when our spirituality manifests, learn how to listen and support ourselves, and apply the guidance from those we trust most.

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