Chinese American Woman/Muslim/Visual Artist/Makeup Artist/Storyteller/Healer/Business Woman/Social Justice Enthusiast/Tennis Player

I measure my own personal growth not through success, but really how I handle challenging moments. Do I give myself compassion in dark moments? How do I lean on my faith and what have I learned from this to serve others in my art?

I am confident that I have everything I need to live my purpose. I am focused on working day to day to clearly define and strengthen my purpose. I look forward to serving my purpose of cultivating wellbeing and self love in whatever industry I find myself in, whether it is in the beauty corporate world, art world, fashion or fitness. The journey of an artist I learned is a day to day cultivation of Faith. Developing my relationship with God, Allah, Love, the Source, is the core of my work. This core has allowed me to strengthen my belief in developing authentic relationships with others despite religious or political views, race or social status. In these relationships, I hope my art can give power to marginalized voices and instigate change that will promote self love, especially among women and people of color.

Healing yourself is healing the community. Without the hardships I have been through, I couldn’t create the type of art that can connect and help others. I am an artist that works in the beauty industry that promotes both worlds of healing (self love) and business. I work with companies and beauty brands to create events and workshops that fuse both art and beauty to promote diversity and well-being in the beauty industry. My clients have been Dior, Lancome, Macys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Sephora to name a few.  My artistry is not limited to the beauty industry though. I also create series of paintings that celebrate self love, authenticity and multidimensional aspects of femininity, beauty and justice.

Growing up in a diverse environment the Bay Area (east bay- Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco) I was never afraid to explore beyond what I was told. I was never afraid to explore different paths and go beyond cultural traditions and society’s standards. With a passion for the truth and justice, I was lead into the teachings of the Nation of Islam. The teachings of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan has helped me grow not only in my personal journey, but has inspired me as an artist. I understood the importance of developing your voice, not being afraid to stand up for the truth and using my art to help others. It is the strength from these teachings that developed my passion to serve my purpose in a business that capitalize off a woman’s “need” to fit in a limited view of “beauty”. I am an advocate for the wellbeing of women and children and firmly believe that “ A Nation can rise no Higher than its Woman”. To all my women artists, entrepreneurs …. Dedicate time to strengthen your intuition! Learn to listen to and always FOLLOW your intuition!

The moment I recognized my purpose and power were actually during moments of perceived “weakness”. Growing up as a second generation Chinese American, who love to explore, there are times when you don’t feel embraced within the Chinese community. The Chinese community has certain strong expectations and cultural traditions that I did not always feel welcomed in, but there were also other communities outside as well that I did not feel fully accepted by. This lead to self doubt, issues of self acceptance and a shaky sense of security. However, it was in these moments that I learned that success comes when you have accepted and embraced all of your past experiences that shaped you to who you are. Part of self love is embracing your flaws, scars and all aspects of you. To be honest, authentic, and truthful about your journey is a great act of vulnerability. The act of vulnerability itself is a powerful strength when you have endured hard times. Being able to be soft and open in a society that endlessly pushes you to conform is true beauty and femininity. This is what I express in my paintings and when I am doing makeup on my clients. We can truly serve others when we understand the power of self-compassion. It took awhile for me to understand this lesson. I see that every step of my story has allowed me to become a better storyteller, artist and business woman.

There is a storyteller within us all. I encourage us all to continue to carve out time to study history, our cultures, and take the time to discover connections with other communities. Understand we’re all interconnected but this is through the acceptance of our own individual stories. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had once said that our “Unity is more powerful than any weapon.. Accept your own and be yourself.” Embrace and LOVE every aspects of who you are and your journey. The “imperfections” are what actually make you beautiful and most importantly, unique. Your acceptance of “self” is your individual power.


“Untitled”; Compilation of multiple art pieces

“The Fall”

“Multidimensions and Light”

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