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Meet Jasmine

I am an educator and self-proclaimed encourager and thought partner. Whether it was in front of the many students I taught, the teachers I coached, or in the communities I was blessed enough to be apart of, I have seen far too often people of color doubt themselves, their strengths, and potential for impact.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, at the ripe age of 26, that I began to recognize my value, voice, and thus, stopped allowing my actions and future to be dictated by others. I faced my insecurities head on, ignored societal views of “who” I should be, and invested in myself as person and most importantly, as a Black woman.

Growing up, I struggled with confidence and feared being acknowledged by others. I did not want attention nor did I want to even be noticed. Looking back, I realized that I truly feared people knowing me in an attempt to fill me into the negative and ugly mold of a stereotypical woman of color. As a young woman, it was rare to see people of color, especially women of color portrayed in a positive manner in the media and within my own community. I internalized these implicit messages and in turn silenced myself and dulled my accomplishments.

My role as an educator is what tipped the scale to me proclaiming that enough is enough and finally embrace my power from within. I could not look myself in the mirror and encourage students and adults of color to be unapologetic, when at the end of the day I was tossing and turning in bed with self-critiques and questions of “Am I good enough?”, “I won’t be heard anyways”, “You aren’t ready” to name a few. Yes, we all have insecurities and at times little moments of doubt, but the difference was I was letting the doubt overshadow my shine. Every day I make a choice. A choice to make a priority to investing in me. My goal is to encourage other people of color to do the same for themselves and unapologetically embrace the power from within.